Consumer Perception Study Essay

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Consumer Perception Study: Bicycles Horace K. Rollins Liberty University BUSI 600-B01 Consumer Perception Study Using a sample of four bicycle brands, consumer attitudes concerning durability, quality, and styling are examined and discussed. Conjoint analysis is used to examine consumer preferences surrounding the sport of bicycling. The study examines the relationship between the consumer’s knowledge and attitudes regarding bicycling and their preferences for the brand of bicycle that coincides with their activities. Consumers’ attitudes regarding the styling, durability, and gear quality as well as brand image were found to have a significant effect on the general use of bicycles and preferences of brand regarding the activity. Information received by the customer about the performance of competitive products influences the formation of both perceptions and expectations in purchasing a bicycle (Kenyon & Sen, 2012). In the research design to determine consumer choice among the four popular brands, the decision was made to use a correlational approach and test the model designs of the popular bicycle brands. The research conducted also sought to examine the relationship between the attitude and behavior of bicycle consumers regarding their selection of the respective brand. A questionnaire was provided to people who had purchased a bicycle among the most popular brands within the last year and measured their reasons for the purchase as well as the factors that led to make that choice of brand. The questionnaire was designed to include a Multiple Rating List Scale, which is similar to a numerical scale and produces interval data. This allows the mental map of both rater and researcher to be more evident and easier visualized (Cooper and Schindler, 2014). The research is designed to measure the characteristics of the participants as well as the gain insight
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