Consumer Law Protection Essay

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Introduction Protecting the environment is very important to a government in any country. This assignment will be highlighting the role of Environmental Impact Assessment (globally and in Oman) as well as Environmental Audit. Further on this assignment will be discussing the various environmental protection laws in Oman for various waste disposals. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSEMENT (EIA) EIA is an organized procedure to identify, predict and evaluate environmental results. By carrying out this process it helps in making decisions concerning the importance of the environmental effects of projects, developments and programs. With the help of EIA, Social and economic effects of the environment can also be spotted by stakeholders before making a decision. EIA is required in main power plants, burning of waste disposal, rubber production, and textile operations etc. Objective of EIA • Foresee the environmental impacts • Discover different methods to decrease harmful impacts. • Form a project to match the local environment • Describe the predications and the opportunities to the decision makers. A short explanation of the project, short explanation of the current environment, the consequences of the project, the mitigation and security measures along with the a substitute and a synopsis. Stages of EIA  Identifying alternatives: When the applicant is suggesting different alternatives, they also should specify a logical judgment for those suggestions. Because of these requirements numerous new issues regarding planning decision making have come into light. For example a developer would sincerely want to study other development sites, which could be out of the developer’s control. Additional importance should be given to sustainable solutions to areas that are beyond the company’s operational range. Developers cannot identify an option to earn profits for
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