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Consumer Law Consumer Law Assignment National Consumer Agency Beginning of the National Consumer Agency The National Consumer Agency (NCA) originated from March 2004. The Consumer Strategy Group of 2004 presented its report, “Making Consumers Count”, to the then Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment (Ireland), Micheál Martin, in April 2005. Among the report's key recommendations was the establishment of a new agency to champion consumer rights. The NCA was set up on an interim basis in May 2005, and established on a statutory footing on May 1, 2007. Its chief executive is Ann Fitzgerald, a former chief executive of the Irish Association of Investment Managers. She also chaired the Consumer Strategy Group. The government announced in the 2009 Budget on 14 October 2008 that the NCA would be combined with the Competition Authority, as part of a rationalisation programme that will reduce the number of state agencies in the country. The legislation regarding the Agency, the Consumer Protection Act 2007, marked the biggest reform of consumer legislation in 30 years and equips Ireland with some of the strongest and most modern consumer protection law in the world. This Act updates and modernises consumer law. It provides for protection for consumers with powerful enforcement options and it also provides for serious penalties for businesses found guilty of offences. Functions of the National Consumer Agency The NCA's duties include naming and shaming retailers who are caught breaking consumer law, preventing car dealers "clocking" second-hand cars (altering vehicles' odometers), and intervention in high-profile consumer disputes including ones with NTL Ireland, Aer Lingus and MCD Promoters. These interventions resulted in speedy and satisfactory resolutions to the benefit of consumers. The agency also carries

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