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Children Targeted and Harmed by Media American children spend an average of 4 hours of watching television a day, 28 hours per week watching television (facts Online). During that time they are targeted by many advertisements. Children are exposed to hundreds of commercial messages per day in one form or another. "A typical American will process over 3000 discrete ads in a single day, and 10 million by the time they are 18" (Merchants of Cool 3). Children's lives are greatly affected as a result of being targeted by so many advertisements. They appeal to children is such a powerful and mind controlling way. Advertising companies are creative and smart. They work so hard just to convince children in buying their product. They come up with all sorts of ideas just to get our attention, especially that of our children's. The media influences kids to wear certain clothes, eat certain foods, and buy products that will supposably make them cool. The media tells them that they will not fit in if they don't buy certain Products. Although some advertisements seem to be advantageous, advertisements directed at children can harm them. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, and tobacco prevention efforts are everywhere. So why do so many teens continue to do it? Tobacco advertising may impact that decision more than we realize. We know that kids feel peer pressure from other kids in their everyday lives. But the people in cigarette advertising may be one of the most influential peer groups of all. Mostly because teens are told over and over again by the media that you will be cool if you buy their product. For example, advertisers will often have a cowboy smoking marlboro in commercials. What does smoking marlboro have to do with cowboys? All cowboys don't smoke marlboro and you don't become a cowboy automatically by smoking marlboro. You may smell like a horse,

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