Consumer Decision Making Process in Shopping for Halal Essay

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Sep. 2009, Volume 8, No.9 (Serial No.75) China-USA Business Review, ISSN 1537-1514, USA Consumer decision making process in shopping for halal food in Malaysia∗ Mohani Abdul, Hashanah Ismail, Haslina Hashim, Juliana Johari (Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang 43400 UPM, Malaysia) Abstract: This paper reports on the results obtained from quantitative and qualitative data on consumer decision making process in shopping for halal food. A total of 213 questionnaires were returned by respondents, confirming that our respondents who are concerning about the “halal” logo are also concerning about the ingredients used. The study also confirms that there is a significant relationship between respondents’religion and their perceptions towards halal logo and ingredients. While the qualitative data from a focus group interview on how Muslim consumers shop for halal food shows that there is a need for assurance that food to be purchased is halal, implying the presence of risk and uncertainty when making purchase considerations. Using the audit risk framework in conventional assurance services, the study finds that assurance is sought in relation to the halalness of business premise, halalness of product, and assurance from environmental elements such as the halal logo displayed. Key words: assurance; halal food; Muslim consumers 1. Introduction Consumers in many parts of the world today are blessed with an array of choice when buying food products. Society has evolved to a stage where what we consume as ordinary consumers are no longer produced directly by us but are instead produced by many intermediaries in the food supply chain. In the process many consumers will not know and may not need to know who the intermediaries are and how the food processing was carried out. Nevertheless, in many societies religion plays one of the

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