Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Table of Contents OBJECTIVE 4 FLAGSHIP STORES “AN OVERVIEW” 4 CHARACTERISTICS OF FLAGSHIP STORES 4 MOTIVATIONS FOR OPENING FLAGSHIPS STORES 5 Distribution partner relations: 5 Media relationships: 6 Customer relations: 6 MULTIBRAND STORE 7 IMPACT OF A FLAGSHIP VS A MULTI BRAND STORE 7 Store image: 10 Brand experience: 10 Brand attitude: 10 HYPOTHESIS 10 DATA ANALYSIS 12 Hypothesis 1: Consumer purchase behavior varies with store image 12 Hypothesis 2: A more positive brand experience increases brand attitude 13 Hypothesis 3: Consumer purchase behavior is influenced by brand attitude 14 CONCLUSION 16 ANNEXURE 17 QUESTIONNAIRE 17 SURVEY RESULTS 17 FACTOR ANALYSIS 21 Reference 23 OBJECTIVE A flagship brand store is an increasingly popular place used by marketers to build relationship with consumers. As compared to a non-branded store or a multi-brand store, a flagship store promotes a more engaging experience of the brand’s essence. Hence, flagship stores have been common in high involvement products like cars and other durables. In this project, we have studied what are the essential factors in a flagship store that impact the purchase behavior of consumer. We have also analyzed the behavior being followed by the consumer while purchasing from a flagship store and a multi-branded store. The objective of this study is to study the impact of flagship brand stores on the consumer purchase behavior.In this regard, the study is focussed on the following areas: * The essential factors that act as drivers and how they affect the purchasing behavior of the consumer * The benefits that a consumer perceives from a flagship store as compared to a non-flagship store * The attributes present in a flagship store as compared to a non-flagship store The scope of the study would is limited to the city of Bangalore.

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