Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Consumer satisfaction and motivation are key factors when examining the existence of the service economy, tourism and the cruise line industry. As defined by Dann (1977), leisure traveling is as follows: “The greatest reason for travel can be summed up in one word. “escape: escape from the dull, daily routine; escape from the familiar, the commonplace, the ordinary; escape from the job, the boss, the customer, the commuting, the house, the lawn, the leaky faucets.” Consequently, it is clear that consumers want experiences and satisfaction when escaping from their routines, which in turn is seen by most tourism organizations as they pose customer satisfaction and service quality to be the most important things to measure in business. According to Sirakaya et al. (2004), mood has high influences on customer satisfaction and perception. Usually organizations are merely concentrating on post-purchase intentions but the gap exists, since tourists will eventually form the image of satisfaction at the moment when it is asked and not after the consumption. Tourists that have higher mood evaluations tend to have lower satisfaction levels with the service but not actually with the tangible features. On the contrary, those customers that already possessed lower mood levels rate the satisfaction also low. As a result, service quality can be seen as extremely important factor when analyzing consumer satisfaction, since tangible features are less associated with the mood reflections that consumers formulate during the service. As the mood may play an important role in satisfaction, Duman and Mattila (2005) examine the satisfaction and perceived value by concluding that affective and hedonistic aspects are extremely significant as the service industry is becoming more like an experience economy. They continue that consumers seek pleasure such as fun, amusement and fantasy

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