Consumer Behaviour Essay

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Motivations and Emotions: Driving Consumer Behavior Student’s Name School of Affiliation Abstract Consumer behavior is the study of the though processes and behavior of consumers involved in the buying, using and disposing of the products and services. Consumer behavior is significantly influenced by motivation and emotion. Motivation is the driving force within an individual that forces him/her to achieve a certain goal. While are emotion powerful, fairly uncontrollable feelings that influence behavior. Both, motivation and emotions interact to effect the though processes and behaviors of consumers. Motivation takes an individual through the various stages in the consumer purchasing process, and emotion trigger that motivation. Marketers can apply their knowledge of motivation and emotion to their marketing strategy by discovering ways to arouse consumers’ emotions and motivate consumers to satisfy the need kindled by those emotions. Thus, motivation and emotions have significant implications for the marketers who want to sell their products and services to the consumers. The field of consumer behavior is the study of the activities involved when people or groups choose, buy, utilize, or discarding goods, services, thoughts, or experiences to fulfill needs and wants (Lake, 2009). There are various types of consumers, ranging from a 6-year-old begging her mother for a stuffed toy to a business man in a large organziation making a decision on a multimillionaire computer system (Solomon, 2001). The items people consume can consist of anything from bottled milk to a spa treatment, justice, movie or a celebrity. Furthermore, needs and wants to be fulfilled can range from hunger to thirst to love, status, or even spiritual fulfillment (Solomon, 2001). In today’s information-oriented world, studying consumer’s behavior has become an important

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