Consumer Behaviour Essay

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My Brand's and I Introduction Brands play a very important and influential role in today’s decision making process and moreover with a huge impact of globalization, more number of companies is making constant efforts to create a strong brand value in order to gain the customer among their target audience. Brand basically creates a different identity of a product through its symbolic representation. This gives the customers a sense of satisfaction to be associated with that symbol or brand. Such as various promotional efforts and use of influential people in the adverts, companies are forming a stronger brand values so as to maximum persuade their target customers. Marketers make use of several punch lines and images associated with the brand which makes an image over the viewers mind. All this brand recognition and development process is supported by the survey and researches in context to consumer behaviour and their buying patterns. This gives the marketers a real idea and understanding about the target customers so that they can design their product portfolio and various marketing strategies in link with them. People choose a specific brand to get associated with it based on their individual personality types and perceptions. Such as there are different types of people some are aggressive while some are really cool, therefore this accounts a high degree of variation in the consumers buying behaviour in context to selecting a brand for themselves. Brand is basically intangible in nature and hence this can only be felt and not touched. Arnould, Price and Zinkhan (2004 Based on the Freud’s personality theory, there are basically three essential components Id- this portion of our mindset is totally unconscious and is natural in action. Whereas in this our actions and desires are very demanding and hence do not accept any disappoint rather wants to have

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