Consumer Behavior - Glowsticks

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Week 4 Assignment by A.W. FOREWORD In the following excerpt, I will discuss the ways in which three (3) psychological/social factors influence consumer behavior when it comes to the product that I have chosen - glow sticks. Also in this excerpt, I will discuss three (3) external factors and how they influence decision making in the case of consumer behavior as it relates to the sale of glow sticks. The three psychological/social factors that I have chosen for this excerpt are personality, attitude, and perception. The external factors that will be discussed in the excerpt are cultural, technological, and the business ethics factors. I will begin by discussing the first of the three psychological/social factors - personality. PSYCHOLOGICAL/SOCIAL FACTOR: PERSONALITY Glow sticks are probably the most popular mainstay when it comes to the raves and the rave culture in general...because of this, most of the consumers that buy them will likely be members of the rave culture (or retailers that sell items and novelties related to the rave culture). The personalities behind most ravers is being free, showing off their bright and vibrant personality; the glow sticks give the consumer (raver) somewhat of a physical personification of the radiance of what they feel inside (feelings of happiness, exuberance, and positive energy). Also, the glow sticks can be made to look like an art form when it comes to the consumer; some are creative and artistic and use them for light show displays when at raves. Alternatively, they may purchase the smaller size glow sticks to go along with their outfits to further exemplify their bright, warm personalities. Needless to say, most people that purchase glow sticks are fun-loving, vibrant people that love sharing their positive energy with the people they are around (whom are most likely exemplifying those
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