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Consumer Behavior Essay

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Consumer Behaviour
1 People as Consumers Objectives What you should learn from this module:  To place consumption in the context of human behaviour  The positivist and interpretivist approaches to its study  The concept of real cost  The production orientation and the marketing concept

1.1 Introduction 1.2 Buyers, Customers and Consumers 1.3 Consumer Behaviour 1.4 The Consumer Environment and the Consuming Society 1.5 The Consumer and the Market Place 1.6 Markets and Marketing Further Reading

Summary Consumer behaviour is an integral part of our daily lives. The psychological and social processes involved in buying and consuming goods and services form the subject matter of this text. The objective positivist approach to studying cause and effect in consumer behaviour (as in any other kind of behaviour), will be combined with the interpretivist emphasis on trying to understand the emotional, non-rational aspects of the process. The environment which the consumer operates in, including the nature of the market place for goods and services, also needs to be considered. Finally, the change from a production orientation to a marketing concept has been instrumental in fostering the study of consumer behaviour over recent decades. 2 Market Segmentation Objectives What you should learn from this module:  The effect of the marketing concept on segmentation  The origins and importance of segmentation  The contribution of segmentation to marketing  The different forms of segmentation  The particular importance of psychological segmentation

2.1 Introduction: The Origin of Segmented Markets 2.2 Geographic Segmentation 2.3 Demographic Segmentation 2.4 Psychological Segmentation 2.5 Segmentation by Usage 2.6 Segmentation by Benefit Further Reading

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Summary Market segmentation began when producers realised they could no longer sell whatever they produced, but had to begin competing for business. The best market...

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