Consumer Behavior Essay

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The Consumer: Mind, Body, Community Introduction Main stage in the analysis of consumer behavior is how companies define their needs. It is at this stage to form main directions of further activities of companies that define their strategy in the market. The main problem of modern organizations is the fact that today it is very difficult to determine what is actually displayed on the users need. The consumer is governed by pre-established mental processes through three aspects are: the reference groups which are primary, secondary and tertiary. These groups are shaping the personality of the individual. Consumer behavior is defined as: The decision process and physical activity that individuals make when they evaluate, acquire, use or consumer goods or services. Also defined as the final buyer or buying for consumption. It follows that a buyer is a consumer when they purchase for consumption. This definition can be meaningful only if it is generally agreed that consumption means the act of shopping done without intent to resell the purchased under this definition, brokers, manufacturers and many others are excluded from the consumers. However, when this purchase manufacturer or agent, for example, capital goods, is still a consumer, your purchase is usually made without any purpose of resale (Kerin, 2009). The definition of consumer marketing depends in part on their behavior, i.e. the nature of their decision-making processes. Currently the behavior is viewed as a set of basic activities, both mental and physical, such as preparing a shopping list, search for information, discussion on the distribution of the family budget, etc. that somehow influence each other and induce the act of purchase, the choice of a product or brand, or service. Discussion The company needs to identify their markets, know their customers, their needs and know how to behave to

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