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The mind of a consumer is a very complex and confusing aspect to understand. There are many factors in which can be defined as the buyer decision process. The buyer decision process represents “the number of stages that a consumer would go through before making their final decision on a purchase” (Frisner, 2014). The process is applied to anyone who makes decision in making any life altering choice in the product that they choose. Respectfully, all purchases made by consumers are life changing whether it is a vehicle that they are driving for years to come to help manage daily activities or even purchasing a chocolate bar that will satisfy your craving but could potentially ruin your diet. With the margin of choice being very slim, the decision making process is listed as a five step process in which it defines each step the consumer takes to come to a conclusion of their choice. The five steps are: Recognition, Research, Assessment, Execute, and Evaluation (Frisner, 2014). Marketers study this process to assist with their planning process to attract the patrons who are within their focus groups. Marketers look at overall decision making process and focus on state three where they understand that there are alternative products and services that a consumer can purchase so they focus on the and eliminating those factors from their customer’s perspective. Sometimes when a consumer is invited to a party, they immediately contemplate what outfit they would wear to the event. This brings the consumer to stage one where they recognize the need or recognize the problem that they are in. Sometimes consumers would consider utilizing their clothing that they have at home to wear but consider the fact that some other peers have seen them wear the outfit to a prior event. Stage two is the process in which a consumer begins to search for the resources for their needs.

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