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Globally, there are laws pertaining to all types of disputes including the laws protecting the public against fraud concerning merchandise are prehistoric but the enactment of consumer protection laws started approximately fifty years ago under the influence of consumer protection movement and consequently consumer protection programme (Law Reform Commission, Mauritius, 2010). To discuss the Consumer Protection one must be aware who is consumer. Consumer in general indicates the person who pays money for services of commodities. As per the Consumer Protection law published by Ministry of Economy, the Consumer is “Anyone who attains any Goods or Services, with or without a return in order to satisfy his personal or others needs.” The article in The Times 100 under the name of consumer protection published in 2011, provides the information that there are statutory rights of the consumers are Right to choose, Right to informed, Right to safety, and Right to complain. In the Consumer Protection Law of UAE 24/2006, there are rights of the consumers which are The Right to Safety, The Right of access to Information, The right to Choose, The Right to hear the opinion of the Consumer, The Right to a Clean Environment, The Right of Health Care, The Right of Compensation and The Right of Education. To protect the consumers UAE passed the Act 24/2006 and the act mandates the formation of Supreme Committee which includes the members from consumer protection societies also. The Act includes consumer code of rights, seller’s responsibilities, The Act has been sub divided in Articles and there are Articles for Penalties for evading the Act. The rights of consumers and the implementation thereof form part of the Act. The benefits of the Act will be promoting competition and fair trade. It will benefit consumers, retailers, business and community. The awareness of the consumer

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