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{draw:frame} {draw:frame} Introduction All the three organizations GAP, JC Penney and Lands’ End are online retail stores. The comparative study amongst them has been done by taking a shirt which is common item in all the three stores. *Some of the important characteristics needed to make a buy*: The site should be easy to use. The search criteria should be well defined with prices, sizes ,new stocks, latest fashions etc. The colors available should be clear. Also, the post purchase payment should be easy. Some freebies or cash discounts should be given. The sizes should be present for all the products. Less out of stock options. More options in which a person can have a feel of a product. We choose shirt as an apparel to be discussed and we go on all the three available sites to shop for shirts and find the following: GAP: {draw:frame} The shirts available of three types: Plain Stripes Solids Also, the available options online were: Selection of sizes (to make the search more convenient) A complete size chart A quick look option {text:list-item} JC Penny: {draw:frame} Selection Mode consists of: Size Range Sleeve Size Neck Size Collar Type The range of shirt varies with various styles as follows: The various brands available with JC Penney are: Dockers Levi’s Stafford St. john's bay Joe Joseph abboud Van Heusen Also, the various other options available on the site are: Zooming in of the chosen product for a better closer view Choosing the apparel by the desired features listed about the product. The available offers that are applicable with the product. The list of colours that

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