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Integral Consulting Who were the people at Integral and what did they need to do to get their jobs done correctly? Integral, Inc. was a rapidly growing management consulting and research firm that specialized in the management of innovation. Integral maintained close relationships with a network of well-respected academic affiliates at leading business schools. Its consultants helped clients apply the latest best thinking practices to achieve breakthrough solutions in the areas of product development, manufacturing, operations, and strategic planning. Integral consultants were multidisciplinary, with expertise in a variety of business and technical fields. Senior staff members had advanced degrees from top business schools and possessed an average of nine years of management consulting experience. Newly hired consultants started as associates and, based on skill and experience, rose to become managers and principals. Consultants frequently worked with one to two client engagements at a time, many involving similar issues. Principals had overall responsibility for each project and for maintaining close client relationships. Case managers coordinated the daily activities of project teams while associates concentrated on the details of each engagement such as fact gathering, analysis, development of recommendations, implementation of solutions, and making client presentations. Project teams were generally comprised of Integral consultants, client representatives, and academic affiliates. Communications and a smooth flow of information between team members and between different project teams were critical to get their job done correctly. Often geographically dispersed team members had to be able both to coordinate their activities and to leverage the collective knowledge of the firm. 2. How effective was CC: mail, Team Room and the newest initiative-

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