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As a consultant you need to be aware of competitive advantages. A consultant must be able to recognize the different types of advantages so that they can more efficiently give proper direction to a company in a country. Given certain scenarios a consultant must be able to understand the advantages available to them. Given the scenario of a nation with companies that make equal quality stereos at a substantially lower price due to labor costs has a comparative advantage over the competitors. Having the ability to take the same materials or even lesser materials to create a product that is equal to the competition makes the companies in that nation have a comparative advantage in the stereo equipment economy. A country that can mine high-demand precious gems that only can be found in the borders of that country is easily be considered as having an absolute advantage. As the country is the only one capable of producing these gems they absolutely are the ones that any other country has to come to, to receive the gems. An absolute advantage is uncommon due to the abilities of all countries in the world but to be able to have the only supply of something makes it an absolute advantage. When a country passes a law to protect certain business practices that other countries may find unsuitable and perhaps unethical they are creating a national competitive advantage. The country is making it so the companies in that country can more easily compete with other countries. Although there are companies in other countries that may not agree with the treatment of the employees and choose not to use the goods in protest, often times they will though because of the cost saved by using these companies out ways the treatment of the employees. After all it is acceptable in that nation’s social community. The ability to understand the competitive advantages in any country is

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