Constructing Meaning Essay

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Constructing Meaning Through Reading & Writing Patricia Bosley Grand Canyon University: EED-525 August 12, 2014 There are many truths when it comes to teaching students how to read and write in a way that is comprehensible for them. One of these is that teachers must incorporate numerous strategies and activities into their English Language Arts lesson plans. In doing this teachers are instructing students about reading and writing in a way that is comprehensible. Through my reading and observations, I have learned about 14 strategies and activities that I feel are truly beneficial. These fourteen strategies and activities are graphic organizers, generating questions, Prediction Mountain, visualization, summarizing, making inferences, modeling, prior knowledge, cooperative learning, fix-up-strategies, monitoring, rereading, scaffolded instruction, and sequencing. In this paper we will look at what these fourteen strategies and activities encompass. We will also take a view at how a teacher can integrate these strategies into a learning unit. Graphic organizers are visual displays that guide a students thinking as they fill and build on their understanding. Graphic organizers are used by teachers to enable students the opportunity to have an actual drawing that shows the connections between two items. They are considered by teachers to be one of the best visual strategies for a student. An example of how a teacher could integrate a graphic organizer into a lesson unit would be if the teacher has the students read a biography about various well known youth. After the students have read the book, the teacher then has the students create Venn Diagrams. These diagrams will show how the student is different from the person they have read about, and it will also show how they are alike. A trait of a good reader is that they are always
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