Construct Development And Scale Creation Essay

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Running Head: CONSTRUCT DEVELOPMENT AND SCALE CREATION PAPER Construct Development and Scale Creation Paper PSYCH-525- Part I I. Construct: Achievement Motivation II. Operational Definition: Achievement Motivation allows examiners to research particular aspects of motivation depending on the purpose of the assessment. Certain personality characteristics have caused various influences in achievement motivation. Behaviors that will be observed and measured through an Adolescent Achievement Motivation Examination test include high performers, self-confidence, the desire to learn, perseverance, and outside influences that may affect motivation. III. Five items used to sample domain: a. Striving for excellence b. Personal incentives c. Desire to learn d. Perseverance e. Self-esteem or confidence IV. Select the method of scaling appropriate for domain: The research method to determine achievement motivation will be by the use of a unidimensional test similar to that of Likert. The test will be known as the Adolescent Achievement Motivation Examination test or (AAME). This test will be appropriate because it is one- dimensional in nature. This test will be able to give researchers a more accurate result based on how favorable each item is with respect to the construct of interest because the participants are not telling the researcher what they believe (Trochim, 2006). In addition, the response ranges provided allow the participants to gauge his or her response to an extreme level of agreement or disagreement, and in some cases remain neutral where applicable. V. Adolescent Achievement Motivation Examination Test: Self-Report Evaluation Name of School: _____________________ Student Age: ________________________ Number of years of residency: ___________ Grade Point Average: __________________

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