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Construct a Hypno-Analysis Treatment

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  • on June 16, 2011
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Choosing one of the case studies that you developed within your group during the class explain the cause of the person’s symptoms and construct a hypno-analysis treatment plan and required outcome.

Mrs V. has a belief that, in her family, she is the plain overweight one. She is the third daughter of four girls and one boy. She felt like she did not get the same approval and tactile attention from her mother as her sisters and brother did. This made her feel left out from her mother’s affections. She remembers that her mother often made comments about her appearance although Mrs. V is aware that her mother did this unconsciously. In her house growing up being pretty and petite had value.
She feels her childhood feelings of being undervalued have affected her deeply and these feelings have carried on to her adult life. She knows there is a connection between these emotions and her overeating and psoriasis now. She has tried diets in the past to lose weight and uses steroid creams for her psoriasis but feels it is not working for her. She has read various studies on how hypnotherapy can be very helpful in tackling weight and psoriasis so she is willing to give it a try.
It is clear here that the client felt left out in her family. Her need for attention from her mother was not fulfilled. On not receiving approval or tactile attention it has left her with low self esteem. This is the result of an overbearing and judgemental mother, constantly feeding her negative comments i.e you are not as pretty or petite as your sisters which in turn made the client feel unattractive and not worthy and being singled out from her sisters. This constant feed of negativity has had an effect into her adult life.
In believing herself to be plain and unattractive this emphases her feelings of being an outsider in her own family and no-one had anything good to say about her. This may indicate a ‘victim’ perception but it should be noted that these opinions might demonstrate a level...

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