Constitutional Underpinnings Essay

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GOD BLESS AMERICA By, STEFAN RADUNOVIC Unit 1 Unit 1 was all about the Consistitutional Underpinnings. We first learned what political power was and why we need politics in the first place. We then went on to the idea of Democracy and John Locke’s social contract theory, that “The view that the consent of the people is the only true basis of any sovereign’s right to rule”. Unit 1 taught us that there are two types of democracies, direct and indirect representation democracy also know as a republic, and the pros and cons for both types. One of the main questions reguarding democracy was, who really has control in a democracy? To answer this question we looked at three different theories, the Majoritarian Theory, the Pluralist Theory, and the Elitist Theory. After talking about what democracy is we went on into the depths and the key characteristics of democracy. The key characteristics that we needed to know was that there are multiple political parties, majority rule but minorities opinions also have rights as well, there needs to be compromise, and most importantly everyone in the democracy is treated equally, to their freedoms/ liberties and their economic statuses. We learned about the political spectrum and how people are labeled as a certain type of political status. Unit 1 also talks about the United States Constitution, and the events leading to the first American Government. Some ideas that were important to the Americans when thinking about creating a new government was, John Locke’s ideas “The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property”, the idea of a Representative democracy that people need to vote and give consent, and the concern of a too strong national government. We learned that the Articles of Confederation was the first American constitution. The Articles of Confederation showed our country all kinds of problems like how states

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