Constitutional Republic Essay

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CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC Our country has proposed and brought forth many governmental policies during the building of the colonial times. Many of these governmental systems have aided in the formation process of our Constitutional Republic today. A few of the policies would include the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and that of the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial branches. These documents and states of power created the foundation for those of the colonial period and furthermore, the modern-day United States. As time has progressed, the United States has persistently stayed true to these foundations by continuing to abide and to pursue the original regulations to a reasonable extent. During the year of 1776, a board of officials were appointed to draft a constitution for the United States which was later accepted in the following year. It took a total of four years for all of the states to be in the same mind of this new governmental constitution. Once done so, the thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain authorities by the prominent use of The Articles of Confederation. The articles allowed for an acceptable merge of unification, while laying down a basis of guidelines, rules, and acceptations. National legislation was then permitted to raise armies and navy men for defensive reasons. Wars could be authorized my officials as treaties could be negotiated among leaders. Money handling extended, allowing borrowing and the use of coins for exchange purposes. Additionally, a system for postal services was created and various relations were set in line for handling. Although the document contained traces of flaws, revisions were made and led to great achievements. The Articles of Confederation performed a service as a single body Congress that constructed our government during the colonial period. Ultimately, that put an

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