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Constitutional Republic 9-12-12 Amer. Govt. There are three colonial government policies still in use today that stick out to me. The first is the forest management act. Then there is the checks and balances system still in use. Lastly, all the states have similar powers as they did then. All three of these were influential back in colonial times, and are all still very influential in our time. Let me tell you how. The forest management act states that all forests are divided into three classes. These classes are; reserved, protected, or unclassified. This was decided during colonial times and is still used today. This is a federal law and was passed in 1976. The forests became smaller during world war two due to the new houses being…show more content…
Its main purpose is to keep any one branch from getting too much power of the government. This was done by splitting up responsibilities and having each branch check what the other branch was doing. For example, the president, congress or senate cannot just pass a law. It has to first go through the judicial branch and they must have a majority vote and then the other branch must also have a majority vote. The branches check and complete each other very well and I think this is a very good system. Many of the powers the individual states had in colonial times, they still have today. Any laws not covered in the constitution can be made by the state. So a state may, if they wish, make marijuana legal. The constitution does not say we cannot do this so the state gets to make the choice. Of course they must obey the constitution still as a state. They can’t have slaves and have to give the individuals the freedom the constitution gives them. They cannot take away the rights of an American citizen. The bill of rights is an irrevocable part of the constitution. Nobody can change them in any way or try to take them away. I believe our country is built on our freedoms. So if we took these freedoms away, I think our country would fall. That is why the bill of rights is still a policy we use

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