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Constitutional Changes Essay

  • Submitted by: bgebr002
  • on December 2, 2012
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Constitutional Changes                                                
The 50 states that make up the United States have their voters consider constitutional changes more or less every year, each state separately.   There are 4 different ways to make changes to the constitution: Legislative proposal, popular initiative, constitutional convention, and constitutional commission.   The public support varies depending on the method used, reasons for that can be easy access to declining trust for political officials  
Legislative proposal
Legislative proposal is the most common and the most supported method to amending state constitutions (DYE & MacManus, 2011 p.47.) Legislative proposal simply means that legislators have their constitutional amendment proposal on the ballot for the public to vote on. Some state, require a two-thirds vote in both their chambers to be able to promote the changes on the ballot for the public, other states may only require simple legislative majority. In contrast to the two processes above, there are sates that require two successive legislative sessions to be able to put it on the ballots; in those cases it may be harder for the proposal to be voted thought twice in a row and it takes longer before the proposal reaches the public voters.   49 of the 50 states require that the proposed amendments be submitted in a referendum for approval to the voters (p.48.) Legislative proposals are the most supported method today, the reason for that might be because the citizens are less politically active. The public does not have to do much work, more than to put a “check mark” in a box, which is easy access and easier than any other method.
Popular initiative
Popular initiative (civilians’ initiative) is a petition that has to be signed by a minimum amount of people to file a constitutional amendment on the ballot. It can rage from 5 percent to 15 percent of the registered voters during the period of the last governor election. This is used to...

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