Constitutional Amendment Process Essay

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Tiffany Burton March 18, 2013 Dr. Strong American National Government Is Amending the Constitution Risky? It is obliviously no secret that amending the constitution is quite the process; actually it’s a process that can take a long while. With the process of amending the constitution being so difficult, it has only been amended twenty-seven times in over two hundred fifteen years. The Constitution has two ways to amend proposals. One way allows congress to amend them, and the other is through a constitutional convention, which has never been done before. Today many of the proposals that go through a typical session of congress deal with moral ideals like abortion, same sex marriage, and the permit to admit schools to offer voluntary prayer. There are also proposals that come through congress that are actually designed to change the structure of the…show more content…
Vermeule states what Sullivan says then gives his reasoning why he disagree through clear statements on how the government is built to do what is right by our country and that’s what they will do especially if important proposals come through congress because they stand by a structure that was set by the Framers, “a common law” or a “judicial interpretation,” which is the system of law based on the customs of the court systems. Adrian states that “there is a generic class of reason to believe that the amendment process is systematically or presumptively suspect (Vermeule, 2007),” meaning that the process that the amendments have to go through will never change. This once again proves that the stronger and more detailed article of law professor Adrian Vermeule is a more reasonable opinion to agree on even though they both have very good points that mean a lot to America and its government
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