Constitution of the People Essay

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Mid-Exam-Assignment 1 Prepared For: Barrister M.A. Billah Prepared By: Towsif Ur Rashid 082 095 030 Law 200 Section: 2 North South University October 17, 2011 Introduction Freedom of expression is a foundation of democratic rights and freedoms. Freedom of expression is essential in establishing the democratic condition and ensuring public rights. Citizens cannot apply their right to vote successfully or take part in public decision-making if they do not have free right of entry to information and ideas and are not able to express their views freely. Freedom of expression is thus not only imperative for individual respect but also to contribution, liability and democracy. Breach of freedom of expression often is often followed by with other violations. It also involves the right to freedom of association and assembly. Aspects Freedom of speech has many dimensions. One of its most vital functions is that decision-making requires the free expression of broad range of vies from all the corners. A decision made after sufficient discussion is likely to be a better one which less improperly reflects the opinions, wellbeing and needs of all concerned, than a decision taken with little or no consultation. Thus freedom of speech is important at all levels in society. It is a key for element government mechanism. A government which does not know what the people feel and think is in a risky position. The government that quiets free speech endangers the inventive nature of its people. Freedom of speech is significant to governments because when criticism of a government is liberally uttered, the government has the opportunity to act in response to counter undue remarks and criticisms about its actions. On the other hand, when freedom of speech is controlled rumors, absolute wrong statements, comments and unwarranted criticisms are spread by word of
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