Constitution Law and Effects on Schools Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Constitution Law and the Effects on Schools Constitution Law and the Effects on Schools Fannie M. Thomas University of Phoenix HIS 500 Lisa Jimenez May 17, 2010 Constitution Law the Affects on Schools One of the biggest concerns for Arizona school district and school districts across the nation is funding. During these hard economic times the one that should not be cut is education; however it is one of the first programs to suffer budget cuts. The government should realize that they are cutting into the future of this nation. With educational cuts many district will not be able to provide much need academic material and qualified teachers. The federal and state government requires the teacher to meet the standard with limited funds and resources. To expect teachers, schools, and institutions of higher education to perform well despite the very low funding levels, is asking those involved to go above and beyond of what is expected. Proper funding of education can make all the difference to a successful school district. If the district is properly funded, teachers are properly equipped, and students are properly prepared for academic success. For many years the lack of adequate funding has been mentioned as the culprit for many of Arizona’s schools. In 2000 Arizona was rated last in the entire country in respect to resources provide to public schools (Hedding, 2009). Also, later in 2000 Arizona voters approved a multimillion dollar funding package for classroom and teacher needs. The bill was known as “Arizona LEARNS.” However, to receive that funding schools has to be more accountable for academic performance. To ensure that they did not throw additional money into an ailing system, and to comply with the requirements of the federal “No Child Left Behind” Act of 2001 (Hedding). Article 11, Section 9 - County school fund;

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