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Phillips, Christopher. Constitution Cafe: Jefferson's Brew for a True Revolution. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2011. Print. ------------------------------------------------- Thesis: the constitution states, “the power vested in the federal government comes from the people themselves”; however, the house of representatives has a limited number of members, does not ban gerrymandering, nor does it include term limits for years served in office which has led to unrepresentative government. “Governors and the Governed” discusses the flaws of the constitution in reference to the way in which the people of the nation are represented. Jefferson believed the realization of an excellent society hinges on the involvement of ordinary citizens. Though that is no longer possible due to the number of members in the House failing to increase as the…show more content…
It is used to fill a district with voters who will support the House members for their area. Mary and James thought the districts should be determined by a decimal census every ten years. This would allow more political parties to be represented in the house as well. With better districts and more representatives there would be a better voter turnout because people would know their vote really mattered. The Constitution also failed to include a limit upon the number of terms allowed in office. However, James and Mary figured it would be more of a democracy if the members at least had to sit out a year in order to limit the advent of entrenched politicians. Jefferson takes heed to this fault in the constitution when he creates his own draft of a constitution for Virginia. In my opinion, I do agree with the ideas of James and Mary. I do believe the number of members in the House and other areas of the Constitution need to be adjusted in order to fit the current needs of
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