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Are Restrictions on Physician Assisted Suicide Constitutional? This issue is between William H. Rehnquist and Stephen Reinhardt. They are arguing whether or not it’s constitutional for a person to request Physician Assisted Suicide. Physician assisted suicide is voluntary suicide that is administrated by lethal substance that is assisted by a physician. William H. Rehnquist argues that restrictions on physician-assisted suicide are constitutional. He rules that people have the right to denied life sustaining treatment. From that he concluded that physician-assisted suicide is not constitutional. In Washington v. Glucksberg the question was that if the states prohibition against causing or aiding suicide offends the Fourteenth Amendment? It was held that it does not. In Washington it had always been a crime to assist a suicide. Today in Washington “ A person is guilty of promoting a suicide attempt when he knowingly causes or aids another person to attempt suicide”. This act has a punishment up to five-years imprisonment and up to $10,000 fine. In conclusion under the Washington’s natural death act it stated that any adult person had the fundamental right to control their decision to rendering of their heath care. That included the decision to terminate life-sustaining treatment or withdrawn in instances of a terminal condition or permanent unconscious condition. it was then held that “Washington does not violate the fourteenth amendment, either on its face or as applied to competent. Terminally ill adults who wish to hasten their death by obtaining medication prescribed by their doctors. Stephen Reinhardt stated that physician-assisted suicide is not constitutional. He stated is there a due process violation? First they have to determine whether there’s a liberty interest in picking the time and manner of one’s death. Sometimes the question is if there is

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