Constantine The Great Essay

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Constantine the Great Background Constantine was born in Nassus on February 27, near the year 272. His father was an officer in the Roman Army. Constantine probably spent little time with his father; however, he received a formal education at Diocletian’s court. Constantine became a prominent member of the Diocletian’s court and fought in Asia as well as served in a variety of tribunates. In addition, Constantine returned from the eastern front during the spring of 303 to witness the “Great Persecution” of Christians. In May 305, Diocletian announced his resignation. Many had felt that he would choose Constantine has his successor; however, he was ignored (Lieu 130) Upon the death of his father in 306 Constantine was granted the title of “Ceaser”. Constantine’s share of the Empire consisted of Britain, Gaul, and Spain and left him commanding of the largest roman armies. Constantine I served as the Roman emperor from 306-337 A.D. Constantine was a ruler of historical importance but remained controversial throughout history. In addition, he became a major influence in the growth of Christianity during the fourth century. He achieved this by exhibiting the ability to stop the persecution of Christians (Lieu 45). Furthermore, he worked for unity in the Christian faith and proved that this unity could also be transferred to the army he was building for his country in order to promote loyalty. Constantine’s efforts helped with the widespread acceptance and understanding of the Christian faith. It also united Rome under one ruler and giving Christians religious freedom (Lieu 210). Constantine’s conversion to Christianity Constantine I was emperor in the western most part of the Roman Empire. At a time when four emperors existed, each being paranoid of the other, Constantine would prove himself a mighty ruler. In the west, two
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