Constantine the Great Essay

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History: Choose one of the Roman Emperors discussed in our history textbook to research further on your own. After researching the emperor you have chosen, write a 1-2 page essay outlining his life, accomplishments and political career. As a conclusion to the biographical essay, state your opinion as to whether your emperor was "good" or "bad". Support your opinion with examples, and include a bibliography of the sources you used in research. Essay MUST be typed, printed and turned in to Mrs. Slater no later than Sept. 30. See Mrs. Slater with any questions. Occupation: Roman Emperor Born: February 27, 272 AD in Naissus, Serbia Died: May 22, 337 AD in Nicomedia, Turkey Best known for: Being the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity and establishing the city of Constantinople Also known as: Constantine the Great, Constantine I, Saint Constantine The Arch of Constantine in Rome Biography: Where did Constantine grow up Constantine was born around the year 272 AD in the city Naissus. The city was in the Roman province of Moesia which is in the present day country of Serbia. His father was Flavius Constantius who worked his way up in the Roman government until he became the second in command as Caesar under Emperor Diocletian. Constantine grew up in the court of Emperor Diocletian. He got an excellent education learning to read and write in both Latin and Greek. He also learned about Greek philosophy, mythology, and theatre. Although he lived a privileged life, in many ways Constantine was a hostage held by Diocletian to make sure that his father remained loyal. Early Career Constantine fought in the Roman army for several years. He also witnessed Diocletian's persecution and murder of the Christians. This had a lasting impact on him. When Diocletian became sick, he named a man called Galerius as his heir. Galerius saw
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