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Matt Rowe AP World- 3rd Constantine the Great Constantine, also known as Saint Constantine, was born around February 27, 272 in Naissus, Moesia Superior. Constantine had six children of his own; Crispus, Constantine II, Constantius II, Constans, Constantine, Helena ( He was the son of Constantius I Chlorus and Helena. Constantine was most definitely one of the greatest rulers in history, based on his accomplishments alone. Saint Constantine had many military achievements, moved the capital, and he was also the first Christian Emperor. Saint Constantine was able to defeat many other civilizations during his reign. According to (, “Constantine summoned a council of bishops at Arles to suppress the heresy of the Donatists (a Christian religious sect in Africa), but, before it met, Constantine was forced to march against Licinius, who had conspired against him. Licinius was defeated in two battles, and forced to give up a large part of his dominions to his conqueror. Constantine next defeated the Goths and Sarmathans. Licinius had assumed the defense of Paganism, whilst Constantine raised the standard of the Cross. The last struggle between them took place near Adrianople; the Pagan army was defeated by Constantine the Great and in A.D. 324 Licinius was put to death. Constantine reigned alone over the empire of Augustus.” But those were not the only civilizations he defeated. Before the war against Licinius, Constantine stopped the rebellions of Maxentius and Maximian, and defeated Maxentius in a civil war ( So, it is obvious that Constantine the Great had many military achievements. One of the great decisions Constantine made was to move the capital of the Byzantine Empire. He had many reasons to move the capital from Rome to Constantinople. ( says, “Rome, which had so long been the

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