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Constantine Constantine Perhaps one of the largest influences on the spread of Christianity was Constantine the great. It was during his reign that persecution of Christians was ended and they were able to profess their faith without fear of being persecuted or punished. This had a positive effect on the spread of the faith and religion because the word of God could be spread without fear of the law. The exact date of Constantine’s birth is not certain but was reported as early as AD 274 and as late as AD 288. He was born the son of Constantius Chlorus, a Roman officer who later became a Roman Emperor, and St. Helena. His birthplace was Niassus. (Herbermann, 1908) In AD 293 Constantine’s father was moved to the rank of Caesar and Constantine became a member of the court of Diocletian. While serving under Caesar Galerius on the Danube against the Persians he proved to be an officer of much promise. “When Diocletian and Maximian abdicated in AD 305 Constantine was still with Galerius, which put him in a precarious situation of a virtual hostage to Galerius” (Cavazzi) In AD 306 Galerius, who was sure of his position as senior Augustus, allow Costantine to return to his father to accompany him on a campaign to Britain. Shortly after distinguishing himself in Britain Constantine’s father Constantius died of illness. His troops immediately proclaimed Constantine as Caesar. When Constantine married Fausta, her father Maximian, who was again in power in Rome, acknowledged him as Augustus. Constantine later granted Maximian shelter at his court when Maxentius and Maximian becames enemies. It was demanded at the Conference of Carnuntum in AD 308, where all Ceasars and Augusti met, that Constantine give up his title of Augustus and return to being a Caesar, but he refused to do so. Not long after the conference while he was campaigning

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