Conspiracy 365 Characters

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Not Alone By: Christian Masson People often believe that when they are in a dire situation, there is nobody there for them. During the novel, “Conspiracy 365: January”, 15 year old Cal Ormond has this exact problem. He gets blamed for assault, he’s been kidnapped and the world just looks as though it’s going completely downhill for him. However, things turn around for Cal, as he continues his long journey for the missing evidence about his father’s big secret. Although always being blamed and having hardships come his way, there are many people out there giving him their hand in friend ship and are willing to help in any way possible. During the first part of this novel, young Cal and his Uncle go out for a water trip on his fishing boat. As a storm appears, Cal’s uncle, Rafe, doesn’t take the advice that he is being offered from Cal. Cal knows that it’s going to be a bad storm and knows he should get home. Although, Rafe doesn’t listen to him, the boat ends up being filled incredibly fast with water and the buoyancy tanks do not kick in. Stranded in the middle of the ocean, Cal and his uncle are separated as the boat is tipped upside down and the two are basically left to drown. When everything seems like it is going completely wrong, Cal comes back up from the water and hangs on for his life; as after a battle with sharks and the scampering…show more content…
Cal has many hardships and struggles he has to face and during them all it looks like it is going to be the end of his life. At the last second however, help arrives and his life is saved. This just proves that no matter what you end up going through, people will be there for you no matter the circumstances. Throught the novel there had been many instances of Cal seeming to be by himself, although at the last second he had someone save his life. It’s a little ironic but he knows there are still people on his
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