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nsolidation Tiffin University Part 1 Consolidation Paper Digital Divide, Chapters 1-3, “Online Experience” Submitted for CIT 514 (Section 95) Information and Decision Support Professor Susan Treece By: Michael Bond Tiffin, Ohio March 21, 2011 The Digital Divide refers to any inequalities between groups, broadly construed, in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of information and communication technologies. ( To be perfectly honest, I never heard of the term digital divide nor knew anything about it before this class. After reading through this article and the document presented in the online classroom, I have a better grasp of what it is and the importance. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs really helped me in determining where access to IT ranks. I thought about everything we do in the day. We are using digital technology (DT) all the time without realizing how often we use it. An example would be using MapQuest to get directions. Without DT, we could still get directions but we have to call people and wouldn’t necessarily be getting the quickest route. My dad is retired and you would think that DT does not impact him. He runs a stock group and gets online to check how the stocks are doing. Without the DT, he would spend much more time getting his information. The bottom line is that everyone needs and uses DT and you can’t get through a day without it. In terms of where access to information technology (IT) would rank, this was a tough one. For a good portion of people, it’s all about status and staying ahead of the next person. For that group, I could see when access to IT would be considered an esteem need. They could get insight to those things that are top of the line. For me personally, I can equally see it at the bottom and the top of the triangle. I know most

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