Consolidate or Spread: What Urban Form Should Melbourne Develop in the Future? Essay

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Today, the prominent rise in urbanization, and increase in globalization has influenced countries around the world to interconnect with each other. Thus, it is vital to view Melbourne’s urban development and consider it’s future direction in order to administer in the forefront development. A recent study by the ABS (2014) for 2030, revealed Melbourne's city population growth to increase significant amount of one third. It is apparent that Melbourne will face numerous concerns due to the increase in population growth (local and international scale) and urban spread. This issue has caused an ongoing debate whether to implement an urban consolidation model or urban sprawl model for the Melbourne city, where both models would impose restrictions from an environmental and social view to various extents. This essay argues that the urban consolidation model is more beneficial by exploring the two urban forms in the context of their environmental and social implication. As a result, this essay will also discuss the necessary policies for urban consolidation by using Templestowe as a supporting low-density example. Firstly, ‘urban consolidation’ can be defined as existing residential areas within cities where the necessary infrastructure and resources such as public transport and other facilities – business, schools, shops and health care already exist (Marinov, Zunder and Islam 2008). In comparison, ‘urban sprawl’ can be outlined as the increased improvement of suburban and rural areas outside of their respective urban regions; the gradual expansion of residency (Cardi, 2010). While the population of Melbourne is exponentially growing, there is an extensive dispute in regards of the city, whether to expand further out or develop within zones. Urban consolidation portrays the idea of a compact city where it endorses more community-focused social patterns (Katz 1994),

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