Consistency And Change In Self Esteem Essay

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Critique on A Longitudinal Study of Consistency & Change in Self Esteem from Early Adolescence to Early Adulthood Psychology 2103 Dr. Frank Holiwski Rudell P. Young 07/20/11 This study was conducted by Jack Block and Richard W. Robins. It was a longitudinal study (a study that follows subjects over a specific time period). 47 girls and 44 boys were sampled and studied from early adolescence (age14) through late adolescence (age 18) and into early adulthood (age 23). The study endured a 9 year period which captured the time element of the longitudinal study purpose. Individual differences in developmental change patterns were explored and the correlation of personality traits of the subjects at age 14 and through age 23 was noted. Consistency vs. Change in the Early Adolescent to Early Adulthood was the focus. There is so much information in this article with implications outside the knowledge base and understanding of this writer. Various questions will be asked in this critique, many of which this writer has no answer. The questions will identify points that need solution and stand to serve as milestones on interest and points of query identifying educated reponses. The predictability of decrease and increase in self-esteem here after referred to as SE was evaluated. The analyzation of subjects was done separately from the other groupings to determine developmental differences between the two sexes. The males initially showed increase and the females showed decrease. Through the study this premise was followed to determine if these initial findings would hold true through the study sequence. This was the predicted course in the difference between male and female SE. The study would do much to uphold this premise and even more if the premise was found not true. Rank order (method of comparing and contrasting between variables of 2 scores)

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