Consider Systemic Issues in a Counselling Case Study.

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This essay will look at a hypothetical client, named John, who has a variety of issues surrounding fear and sadness. To begin, the essay will briefly outline John’s history and ongoing problems, before moving on to show how his problems can be seen from a systemic viewpoint. The essay shall then briefly explain the ways in which the counsellor would work with John, using the person-centred approach. Some CBT methods will be identified to enable John to view things from a different perspective and formulate some strategies that may help him overcome his fear and sadness issues. To conclude, the essay will look at the cultural and social aspects of John’s life in an attempt to show their significance when considering any type of therapy. John is a white British 42 year old male who lives in the South of England with one of his two older sisters. John had a happy childhood growing up in Asia before moving to the UK when he was eight years old. John’s father was a strong disciplinarian who worked sporadically throughout his life and enjoyed and unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and smoking, which was the cause of his death five years ago. John’s mother was devoted to her children, especially John, and could not do enough for them, always spoiling them in any way that she could. Unfortunately, she also died within a year of her husband’s death, which devastated John and sent him in to bouts of depression – this was when he began to suffer from significant sadness. Since the death of his parents, John, who has never been married, began to go to work less and less until he was signed off by his doctor with depression. His is now on long term sick from his job as a civil servant, and chooses to stay up late, often throughout the night, and then sleep all day which hinders his social interaction and exacerbates his sadness. His two older sisters have started doing all

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