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Water is precious, and until we get everyone to realize this they won't be changing there ways. True it is nice to take a nice long shower every once in a while but, isn't it also nice to bath in a tub of diamonds? I personally don't know very many people that have gotten the chance to do that mostly because of that fact that diamonds are considered precious although they come from caves in Africa. One thing that everyone does daily is brush their teeth. Now from watching people routinely do it, I have accepted the fact that most are in the habit of just leaving the water on. This could be a hard habit to change for some but, for many this is probably the simplest. Now if you are a hygienic person than you take showers every couple of days or everyday. These showers have no need to be over half an hour. It would save you time as well if they were only 5 minutes. I mean who wants to watch something precious go down the drain? :-) Let's say you are new to cooking a dish for your family and you have to read the directions, If the directions said put in 80 pounds of gold but, you didn't have all that because gold is expensive then, you wouldn't put all that gold in. Now substitute the gold for water, not to hard, huh? Most recipes call for more water than nessecarly because they don't want to be held liable for burning food. One of the easiest foods to do this with is pasta, and everyone loves a good bowl of pasta! On a recent visit to England I was over at someone's house and I noticed a big bucket. Now everyone knows that it rains a lot in England so I figured that the buckets had something to do with the weather. Indeed it did! Whenever it rained the buckets catch the water. that way all the water is saved and used for watering the garden.

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