Conservatism and Liberal Essay

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Conservatism: Common belief of (many) conservative: Can be a bit tricky, doesn't hang very well as ideology. Rejecting the idea that reason can replace faith: Conservative say we have reason be perhaps not as fundamental in ordering our lives in the way understand world as our faith can be. Human beings are flawed: We are what we are, govt spending seems waste to them. No matter how good policy is we human are flawed and policy will not work. We can change our nature. They trend to value tradition vs untested policy. Value on tradition + order: we do know what we did in the past worked. Acceptance of Hierarchy: We are not equal, so hierarchies. Freedom and private property are connected: Freedom as choice, this will also play into view that most conservative share the idea of small govt. They don’t want govt, involved in social and economic sphere. Conservative will view high income tax as state sponsored theft. You are take my money in form of income tax and you redistribute it to people without my consent. 2. Fiscal Conservative: ($$$$) (Economic focus) a)Interested in money issues, size of govt should be reduced. The more govt is involved in my life less free I am. b) Balance budget, reduce size of debt and deficit. c) Negative freedom i.e freedom from interference. d) equality of right: Remember lots of conservative don't think we are equal but in term of democracy we have a baseline of equality. We not have equality in terms of bank account and ability but equal rights. 3) Social Conservative: (called religious right) (Moral focus) Govt. should support traditional value norms. marriage between man and women, no gambling, recreational drug use should illegal. euthanasia should be illegal, abortion should be illegal or hard. If we think about it these are “sin” using a moral background of christianity as mentioned in bible. Using those

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