Conservatism Essay

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Classical Conservatism is a promotion of individual freedom by maintaining a stable and orderly society. Classical conservatives assume that people are imperfect, flawed, originally sin, depend upon one another, and need to restrain passion by school, church, family and government. Thus, people need a leader (the government) to tell what they have to do. They also believe that the government should guide the people in being moral and doing the right thing. Classical conservatives also try to use people's selfishness to benefit the whole society to make it more stable. In our society, health involves in one of the most important roles. In classical conservative perspective, all people are equally important. Since health is important for everybody, providing for the health care is a good idea for the government. In classical conservatism, government keeps things from going worse and preserves the social fabric from generation to generation. In order to keep the social fabric to be stable, everybody should be in good health. Everyone should have the equality of importance, so the idea of providing government-run health care is good in some way and should be for everybody, too. For everybody, health care is very important in the life, and everybody is equally importance. Without good health, everyone can’t survive in the society. Since government-run health care is free, everyone has the chance to get it and possesses the healthy life, and doesn’t need to worry about can’t afford for the health care. Classical Conservatives assumes that the government is the leader for everyone, and it helps everybody to be improved and to preserve the stable social fabric. When people are healthy, they can work, help, and communicate with others to keep the society more stable. By providing a government-run health care, government gives the equality of importance to everyone because

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