Conservation Child Development Essay

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Preoperational and Concrete Operational Development Interview This paper will cover the different areas of indication that show weather a child is a preoperational thinker, a concrete thinker, or in transition between the two stages. For each individual child I asked them a series of questions and then preformed a series of conservation tasks that explored their thinking processes. It will explain the different characteristics each child displayed during each task and how I came to the conclusion that those characteristics were present. Through these tasks I hoped to gain insight in to being able to better understand the way children think and process information. Every child thinks and learns differently, so by being able to understand the way they think I am better equipped to teach them and help them learn in a way that is most beneficial to them. The first child that I interviewed was a 5-year-old boy named Justin. He is of Asian descent, dark black hair, brown eyes, tall for his age, and very skinny. At the time of the interview he was very calm; he seemed to be very comfortable. He did not display any type of hesitation when I asked him questions. The interview took place in my dining room at the dining room table. It was around 6pm and he had just finished eating dinner. I told him that I needed his help with a homework assignment and that I was going to ask him some questions and do a few fun tests with him. He seemed very excited that I needed him to help me with my homework. I used the same materials for the tasks with each child. For the conservation of quantity for liquids task we used water with red food dye in it, two clear glass cups of the same height, one taller clear glass cup, and a clear plastic tupperware container. For the conservation on number task we used 16 nickels. For the conservation of length task we used to new unsharpened pencils.
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