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Consequences There are many different types of consequences regarding plagiarism in academics. The consequences depends on the school guidelines regarding plagiarism. According to the author Devrie Paradowski (July 5, 2005) the article Plagiarism: What You Should Know, the author states that a student could face expulsion, repaying financial aid the student received, and a failing grade. Students could also face academic probation, degree is denied, and the originator of the work that was copied could sue the person who copied the original author’s work. According to the author Ronald B. Standler (2000) in the article Plagiarism in Colleges in USA, a law was passed in 1989 stated that any work that was created is copyrighted with or without the copyright form attached to the original work. There are also consequences not just for copying an author’s original work but for also selling the author’s copyrighted work. According the author Ronald B. Standler (2000) in the article Plagiarism in Colleges in USA, the California Education code 66400–66405 is a statute that makes it wrong for the selling of copyrighted work. If an individual gets caught selling copyrighted material, that individual could go to jail for up to six months and a thousand dollar fine. Consequences in plagiarism are not just for students but also for professors. From time to time, professors do get involved with doing plagiarism. According to the author Saba Riazati (May 20, 2009), the article UCLA professor plagiarizes: Dr. Doina Panaite resigns from School of Dentistry after being accused of copying sections of article; the article that was copied was published in the Journal of Periodontology by authors A.R. Pradeep and B.V. Karthikeyan. Many pages and sections of the original material

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