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Kaplan University Different forms of Patient Consent “The Standard of Care refers to the degree of attentiveness, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would exercise. Failure to meet the standard is negligence, and the person who fails to meet the standard is liable for any damages caused by such negligence” (Standard of Care Law & Legal Definition) (2014). In Sandra’s case the appropriate Standard of Care is determined by her symptoms and mental state of mind. The correct Standard of Care is also taken into consideration in ways that other experts would agree most appropriate in her situation. If something was to happen and it lead to a malpractice lawsuit the lawyer of the physician would want to prove to the courts that the doctor’s actions were indeed formed against the Standard of Care. Working in the Medical field there is many different forms of consent. Informed consent, also known as verbal/express consent, can be defined as when a medical provider explains a treatment or a procedure and the patient verbally agrees, signs a typed up document that he or she is able to read or nods their head if unable to speak. Another form of consent is implied. Implied consent can be determined by a patient’s behavior. For example, when a nurse arrives to administer a shot and the patient begins to roll up their shirt sleeve or remove a layer of clothing without being told to do so they are implying consent. Accident victims in emergency situations are considered implied consent. In this case the consent is implied. When Sandra entered the hospital she was incoherent and had severe wounds, she needed medical attention right away. In the case study it was explained that Sandra’s next of kin was unreachable, because of the severity of her wounds the physician chose to begin medical procedures. This provider chose to perform care in

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