Conscription Crisis Essay

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Conscription Crisis Charlie Aldus November 4,2013 When the conscription crisis hit Canada in 1917,i do agree that is separated English-Canadians from French-Canadians because many French Canadians and others, including farmers, unionists, pacifists and religious groups had opposed participating in the war, and over the years casualties were adding up overseas and the flow of volunteers was drying up, so prime minister Borden and the conservatives started conscripting soldiers, Borden wanted to be assured that he would be able to replace the ones who had lost their lives and that Canada could still play its role in the war. So his government passed the Military service act which drafted men of the ages 20-35. Many farmers and labourers were against conscription because they were already struggling to produce enough crops and weapons for the war effort, the farmers and factory owners could not spare their sons, hired factory workers or young factory workers for the army. Labour leaders were thinking of calling a national general strike to try and stop conscription but in Cumberland, B.C. labour leader who was refusing to join the army was shot by a policeman when he was to fiery, It was in Quebec, however, conscription was still fought against hugely. The governments call for conscription quickly created a serious crisis between English and French Canada. Robert borden invited Wilfrid Laurier and the liberals to join with the conservatives to create a union government committed to winning the war. Laurier and the liberal party opposed conscription and refused to join the conservatives, although, Borden was able to convince many english speaking liberals to join him. In the 1917 election, the union government fought the election mainly on conscription. Henri Bourassa, the publisher of a montreal newspaper Le Devoir, led the campaign against conscription, for years he
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