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Consciousness Have you ever done something without really thinking about it? Everyone does it, it is unconscious reaction, or in other words, you do not even realize you are doing it. In this essay I will talk about our consciousness and how sometimes we can be aware or unaware of our consciousness. I will also be giving examples of such events throughout the stories of Oliver Sacks. In The Man Who Mistaken His wife for a Hat, Sacks tells the stories of his individual patients and their consciousness of their “neurology of identity”. As stated above, consciousness is the awareness of one’s surroundings and actions. One of the stories Sacks tells is the one of the man who mistaken his wife for a hat. Dr. P was his name; he began to have weird vision problems where he could not recognize things by sight. The way Dr. P coped with this was by first being ignorant or unaware to his problem all together, however, once Dr. P realized he had a problem, he then unconsciously let his passion for music drive him through his problems. You see more stories like this throughout Sacks’ book. I feel like this story or the stories much like this one, shows just how much an impact one’s passion has in your life. Another story similar to the one of Dr. P is the one of Rebecca. Rebecca was known for not being very bright and her “no sense of place” says her grandmother. Though she was not the smartest, she was very deep. “Intellectually, then, Rebecca felt cripple; spiritually she felt herself a full and complete being”. This also goes back to consciousness, she is aware that she is not smart, however she is conscious of the feeling she gets unconsciously through her poetry and such. Rebecca was really passionate about her love for her grandma, nature, and poetry. Thus, her passion kept her strong and made it possible for her to deal with her deficit. The last story that I will

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