Conscientious Objector Essay

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My position on whether or not the “conscientious objector” is a valid one for opting out of battle is determined by many different factors. For instance if I was forced to fight in a similar battle such as the civil war with the possibility of fighting against my own family, then yes I do believe “conscientious objector” might be a good reason. However, if I believed in reincarnation as in the story of the “Philosophy and spiritual discipline” then “conscientious objector” would not necessarily apply. Reincarnation does not mean death; if anything you are doing your victims a favor. “it is not born, it does not die; having been, it will never not be; unborn, enduring, constant, and primordial , it is not killed when the body is killed.” (Paragraph 19) As far as the opinion of homosexuality being an abomination and used as “conscientious objector” I don’t agree this is a good enough reason. We must deal with people on a day to day basis that are “different” from us. I might not agree with someone’s sexual orientation, but that doesn’t mean that I would feel uncomfortable going to battle with them. However, I may avoid taking showers or undressing around them, it should not change my actions on the battle field. Do I believe a person should be “forced” to go into combat? No I do not. However, I do not consider myself a pacifist. Violence is necessary at times and war is unavoidable. Such as when Hitler and the Nazis were killing massive numbers of innocent people, then yes war was necessary. I don’t believe anyone can stand by and let that happen and use the excuse “conscientious objector” to get out of defending the innocent. I am in the position where I have a choice. I am not forced to join the military. There is no draft. However, if the draft was reinstated; I have no doubt that I would serve my country to the best of my ability. I believe “conscientious
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