Conscience Or Competitive Edge

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Introduction The article conscience or competitive edge is based on making ethical decisions .It explains how ethics influence the conscience and how people make some decisions that they do .In this instance the case is a about a lady called Olivia Jones, who is a buyer for a British retail company. She went on a trip to India to obtain samples of materials for the next fashion season. Upon her arrival she was treated very nicely and was shown the best of the city. On the last day of her trip she decided she wanted to see the factory where the clothes are been manufactured amidst resistance from the supplier who was trying to manage impressions. At the factory she met the factory workers in a very poor working conditions. Problems facing Individual Olivia felt she had contributed to the plight of the laborers due to her bargaining. Olivia was so upset about what she had seen that day that it would forever change the way she conducted business. The sight she met at the factory leads Olivia to experience an intrapersonal conflict. Where she began to ask herself if she could go on with business as usual after what she had witnessed. Olivia is now faced with the dilemma of whether a career minded person could afford to exercise her social conscience or if she can truly make a difference without jeopardizing her future. The issue involved in this case would be an ethical dilemma, which depending on her level of ethical intensity towards the slave labor would lead her to a decision. Case Analysis In order to make a decision, Olivia would have to make two assumptions, She would have to assess the options provided by each assumption and the cost and benefits associated with them .The first assumption would be that the workers do not like their working conditions. Under the assumption that they hate their working conditions there are so many options left for
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