Conscience Essay

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Conscience Conscience can be defined as that “gut feeling” you have when you know the difference between right and wrong. Some of us have the ability to tell a lie and not feel guilty afterwards, while others can’t handle it and eventually come clean because it is the morally right thing to do. When it comes to our own desires and selfish needs our conscience can often times be manipulated. In Flannery O'Connor's, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” the grandmother showcases her selfishness through a series of events where she lies and manipulates her own family members to get what she wants without ever stopping to think that her actions may not come from the goodness of her heart like she believes. An example of someone who would fess up to a lie and stand up for the truth is a woman named Simone Weil, author of “Necessity and Obedience”. Weil speaks upon the necessity to obey our conscience naturally because it is the right thing to do. In “Necessity and Obedience” Weil says that “If we suspend the filling­up activity of the imagination and fix our attention on the relationship of things, a necessity becomes apparent which we cannot help obeying.” (Weil 96). Weil is simply saying that if we stop focusing on objects and things that benefit our needs, we will experience pure satisfaction doing good deeds for those around us with no yearn for rewards or praise from others. In contrary to Weils belief, the grandmother acts upon “necessity” much more selfishly than Weil. “I couldn’t answer to my conscience if I did” (O’Connor 1), is an important line in O’Connor’s story because it is the first time that the grandmother reveals her selfish intentions and manipulative personality. It is this line she uses when trying to change Bailey’s mind about going to Tennessee instead of Florida by using the Misfit as an excuse to go where she wants to

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