Conotation of Gang and Club

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Douglas 1 Nerone Douglas Mrs. Bayer AP English 20 September 2012 Gang vs. Club The word gang and club may sound similar but they have a completely different connotation or the different meaning that the word can have and could be used. The word gang commonly has a negative connotation. When you think of the word gang you think of a group of mischievous people that are up to bad deeds and actions. The word gang can be used to describe a group with bad intentions. The word gang is connoted like this because throughout history itself, many groups of people came together to form, the KKK, The Nazis, Yakuza, Mafia, etc. Through these groups or gangs, all the members and the mindset of the gang was towards bad intentions from killing due to racial discrimination to world domination. The word gang is used instead of other words like group because a gang is not just a regular group of people but a group of people that are out for malicious reasons. The word club on the other hand has more of a positive connotation. When you think of the word group you think of a group of ordinary people that come together on a beneficial basis for example like afterschool clubs. They are groups where people come together carry out hobbies as a group that get them noticed positively or that are beneficial in the long run. For example, NHS, Book Club, Video Club, etc. The word club is more used around friendly or social areas like schools or libraries. It is better to use the word club than group because it actually describes the type of group to another level. It describes the group as a bunch of people coming together to share ideas, share talents, and to be recognized positively. The substation of simple boring words for more “juicy” words can really describe the word to another level so that the reader gets a true sense on what the tone or attitude really is on a clearer and

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